Thursday, May 12, 2011

A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship

Recently I was named a fellow at A.I.R. Gallery. Here is a photo of all six new fellows with Paddy, Lisa, Kat and Simone at our welcoming party, where we each briefly presented our work.

A little about the program (copied from the gallery's website):

"Founded in 1972, A.I.R. is the first artist-run, not-for-profit gallery for women artists in the country. The announcement for the gallery’s first exhibition in September of 1972 elaborates our founding concept: “A.I.R. does not sell art; it changes attitudes about art by women. A.I.R. offers women artists a space to show work as innovative, transitory or unsaleable as the artists’ conceptions demands.” Based on the feminist principles of economic cooperation and decision by consensus, A.I.R. continues to offer an alternative venue for women that protects the creative process and the individual voice of the artist.

The A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship Program, in place since 1993, provides under-represented and emerging artists with a visible gallery space while focusing on building relationships with other more experienced artists and art professionals. By removing the financial responsibilities of membership, the Fellowship Program includes a younger and more diverse group of women artists in the artist-run nature of the gallery. A panel of outside curators, critics and established artists selects participating artists annually. Panelists visit the individual artists’ studios in preparation for their solo shows. 2011 Panel: Paddy Johnson, Founding Editor, Art Fag City; Lisa Kim, Art Collection Manager, Gagosian Gallery ; and Wendy Olsoff, Co-Owner, PPOW Gallery. Each participating artist has the opportunity to work with the gallery artists to staff gallery programs and activities, as well as to plan and implement a public program or special project for the gallery during their tenure. The program is structured to give the involved artists the opportunity to develop their work in preparation for a solo show, to build relationships with other artists and arts professionals, and to learn about not-for-profit gallery operations. They leave the program with a series of naturally forged relationships, experiences and skill sets useful in continuing their careers as visual artists."

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