Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Group Show in Marco Polo Arts Mag

I have a drawing in a group show published in this season's Marco Polo, an online literature and art magazine. All of the works are in response to the Truffaut film La Femme d'à côté.

View the show by clicking on the link below.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Above is a drawing from my series, "Illustrated Heart Dungeons," which I worked on this summer before starting my first semester at Hunter for MFA Painting.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Amy Sillman, published in a book titled INSIDE THE STUDIO: Two Decades of Talks with Artists in New York, from Independent Curators International, 2004. I rather like her description of her relationship to painting, and find that it resonates with my own.

"Painting generally takes a long time to develop. It's a slow and private language. It's such a specific thing to do: you've only got a rectangle and some paint. There's nothing there except you and the paint. It's not so much that you're dealing with a big history; I try not to care too much about history when I'm painting, in some way you just ignore all that stuff. It's just that you are dealing with such limited means. A lot of painters don't really come into their own, I feel, until the've worked for ten years. But I love paint. I think painting is so fantastic. I want my work to be funny and beautiful and personal and complicated and psychological. I'm not an overly analytical person; I'll mix up colors, maybe a whole bunch of different greens, and I'll just start putting them down and then I'll look at it. That part is largely intuitive, and I don't always know where it comes from -- maybe from looking at stuff around me, everything from the sky to photographs."